History of the Guinea Pigs

We were delighted to receive a recent contribution for our graduate memories section from the 1955 intake of students who were to lead the way, graduating first in 1960.

This is an extremely detailed account of this group’s time at the school but also covers the numerous re-union meetings they have had over the intervening years, together with some early pictures to compare against more recent pictures of the group.

If you were one of the Guinea Pigs it will be full of memories, for others an interesting account of how the early student years panned out and perhaps show how things have developed in the intervening years.

Our thanks to Ian Parsons for pulling it together – members can see it in our graduate memories section (login required). There is also a comments section, if anyone wants to add to the memories.

Has your year submitted an article yet? If not we really want to fill this section for everyone’s benefit – why not pull together a potted history of your graduation with some pictures if available – it doesn’t have to be as extensive as this one – and will allow others to help bring more of the story to light. Submissions to editor@somanda.org.uk please.

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