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Whilst Somanda is a fabulous way of keeping up to date with the Manchester Dental School and all your colleagues and fellow students across the years, it also has a vital role in providing funds to worthy causes.

We contribute £2000 every year to the Dental School Hardship fund, pay airfares and subsistence to students travelling to do a variety of projects abroad every year and provide a number of prizes to both undergraduates and members.

This assistance runs to several thousands of pounds, with costs rising every year. Your modest membership fees enable us to maintain this level of support doing valuable work year after year.

If you are not a member, please join now – online applications can be made below.

Please also consider persuading a member, or members, of your year to join Somanda. The society exists to reinforce the sense of belonging we must all feel to the institution that was at the heart of our formative years, has been the source of so many lifelong friends and equipped us for a prestigious profession which has provided us with a comfortable lifestyle.

The more members we can attract the more funds we will have at our disposal to help support the Dental School and the undergraduates.

Remember we were one of them once.

We offer two membership levels:

Full membership – graduates – £30 per annum

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Undergraduate membership £1 per annum

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