Membership postgraduate awards

Somanda is always keen to support professional development of the alumni and have for some years funded two postgraduate training or continuing professional development prizes of £500 value, awarded annually by ballot.

One prize is open to all Full Members who are within five years of their initial eligible graduation, the other is available to all Full Members.

The prize–winners are reimbursed by the Honorary Treasurer on the production of receipted invoices for an appropriate dental postgraduate training course, or courses, up to the value of the prize.

The claims can be made against the full or part cost of one or more courses, up to the total value of the prize, but must be claimed within two years of the award of the prize (unless, exceptionally, an extension is authorised by the SOMANDA Committee). Any claims can be accumulative, up to the total value of the prize, within the two year period. No cash alternative will be offered.

The SOMANDA committee will authorise the ballot for, and the award of the prizes, annually, at the first committee meeting of the every year. The committee may suspend the future award of one, or both, of the prizes at any time at its own discretion.

The Honorary Membership Secretary is responsible for organising the annual ballot and informing the Committee of the result. The Honorary Secretary will inform the prize recipients, under the direction of the Committee. Future winners will be confirmed on the site as appropriate.

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