Year of 1965 – 50th anniversary

Pictured above: L to R: Front row Rob Moule, Phil Lane, Gary Shultz, Rob Mason, Marion Killick, Roseanne Witt (née Salt), John Oliver, Ann Jordan, Primrose Salt Back row L to R: Mike Adey, Leon Ellis, Barry Walmsley, Gerry Platt, Robin Slack.

The “65 Society” held their 50th anniversary reunion at The Lowry Hotel in Salford just over the River Irwell from Manchester City centre which is easily accessible via a foot bridge.

Fourteen dental graduates attended but there were 9 others who failed to make it, they were Graham Walker, Tony Lavin, Graham Potts, Martyn Spratley, Peter Jordan, Gordon Koledade, John Cooke, Harold Morley and Ann Baker.

Seven members are regrettably deceased; they are Paul Glasberg, Eric Doyle, Dave Conibear, Derek Tinkler, Chris Clifford, Val Baron and Ian Bond.

L to R: Judy Ellis (wife of Leon), Rob Moule, Carole Moule.

They started their reunions in 1975 to mark their 10th anniversary and have held them every five years since usually near Manchester except in 2008, when Mike Adey organised an extra reunion, an Alaskan cruise. Mike and his wife Frankie have made their home in British Columbia, Canada.

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