Launch of Somanda web site

We are delighted to announce the launch of this, our new website at

Traditionally communication with members has been through post, enhanced once a year with the enclosure of The Dentome, the long-standing paper newsletter of the Society.

However, we need to move with the times and provide more regular communications with you, providing news, features, and relevant information about upcoming events.

As a result, the Dentome has been gracefully retired as the website will be up to date, informative and more cost effective, allowing us to support more activity than in the past.

The site will allow you to contribute to content and debate. You can view reminiscences of specific graduate years and add/comment to maintain these special communities. more here

This will also make the an interesting prospect for students and the recently qualified who can treat it as a means of keeping in touch with colleagues and facilitating reunions.

The site is mobile friendly and links to new improved social media channels that will spread the message to younger potential members who are more comfortable in this environment and may be encouraged to join.

All new memberships will be registered and paid for through the website. Members will have access to ‘members only’ areas of the site.

As an existing member, for whom we don’t have an e-mail address, it is especially important that you log on to the site, change the temporary password add your e-mail address and check current details we hold for you are correct. We have contacted you during September 2020 in this regard, by letter. Members for whom we have e-mail will have received a registration e-mail instead. If you have any issues with this or do not receive a communication from us then please contact and we can provide assistance.

Increased membership means more money for the Student Hardship Fund, overseas study trips, student prizes and events. Please therefore spread the word amongst your fellow graduates and ask them to join us.

This is an exciting step for us all – we look forward to keeping you up to date with SOMANDA – please bookmark the site and follow us on social media.

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