Alumni. Could you help support current student’s wellbeing?

It has been a difficult year for many, including students, due to factors alongside the Covid-19 pandemic such as lockdown, isolation, uncertainty and now the fast-approaching exam season. 

We are planning an initiative aimed at supporting student’s wellbeing by letting them know that they are not alone in their struggles.  

We are inviting you, our staff and alumni, to share your experiences of any challenges you faced during your degree, with our students. 

Examples of topics include but are not limited to: physical/mental health problems, disability, financial struggles or struggles you had with the course.  

Through the project we hope to dispel the worry that facing personal challenges can adversely affect a student’s career prospects or whether they can become dentists; worries which often act as a barrier to student’s seeking help when they need it. 

By sharing your stories, hopefully this will help reassure and comfort students that despite going through personal challenges it is still possible to forge successful and rewarding careers. 

If you would be willing to write a short piece explaining your personal challenge and how you managed to overcome it or how it has helped you grow or develop as a dental professional, we are hoping to build a series of stories to share with dental and hygiene and therapy students to support them.  

Please click here to participate.

Zahra Ali.
5th Year BDS and Wellbeing Lead for the MDSS Student Society.

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