66 Club 50th anniversary

The 50th Anniversary of the year of 1966 was held in the Portland Hotel adjacent to Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester City Centre on the weekend of Friday 8th and Saturday 9th of July 2016.

True to form it rained solidly for both days so it was as well that the meals on both nights had been arranged in the hotel’s restaurants. The “66 Club” holds annual reunions close to wherever the organiser lives and venues have included Brighton, Nottingham, South Wales, Darlington, Wigan, Ludlow, Chester and of course Manchester on many occasions.

Those present at the “50th” are photographed together above and are from L-R:-Mike Birkitt, John Yates, Pip Thomas, Alan Taylor, Dennis Earle, Tony Kravitz, Denis Thompson Glyn Jones, Paula Walshaw, Peter Button, Jill Lawley, Howard Totty, Peter Holdsworth, Nick Thistleton, Paul Morphet, Ron Lawley, Howard Pollick. Paula Walshaw lives in Toronto and Howard Pollick in Berkeley in the Bay area of San Francisco. They are both regular attendees at the reunions wherever they are held.

Absentees: Trevor Watts who was receiving a Master of Theology degree, Alan Jones regrettably hospitalised, David Large, Carol Hyman, Pam Dixon and Roger Heath.

The following members are deceased: Peter Holland who died in a road accident during his finals in December 1966, Michael Limb, Pam Watson, Stuart Jackson, Rosalind Birkitt, Dave Sherwin and Michael Wilson.

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