1967-8 year 50th anniversary

The 50th Anniversary Reunion Dinner for 1967-68 graduates was held at the Manchester Airport Marriot Hotel on 21st of March 2018. It was attended by 21 alumni and 16 partners. Apologies had been received, from Tony Betton, Paul Hancock, Trevor Watts, Gary Whittle and Roger Wood. Despite considerable efforts, a few old friends, Alan Coates, Mike Prendergast, Stuart Shlosberg and Keith Vernon could not be traced.

Throughout the evening those who had passed away were fondly remembered; John Belfitt, Steve Fawkes, Jenny Higson (Webb), Clare Higham (Noone) and Sarah Redfern (Williams). Much amusement and reflection (tempus fugit) was provided by our graduation photograph expertly remastered, enlarged to 30 x 20 inches and wall mounted by Dick Lodge.

At the end of a memorable evening Dick herded us all together to capture our updated image in glorious, high definition colour.

At the end of this long overdue reunion it was agreed that it should be repeated sooner rather than later – 2021?

On a sad note a few months after the reunion, in midsummer, Iain Fisher passed away. He had been suffering for some time which was evident to all at the reunion.

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